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Retirement Solutions / Process

Our process is comprised of four layers:

Discovery: First, we take special steps to understand the personality of your organization. We achieve this by quantifying demographics, sophistication, and knowledge base. Secondly, we provide a comprehensive review of your current plan in the context of your organization and the national landscape. We flush out fee arrangements, investment performance, service standards, and benchmark your plan on a local and national scale.

Design Because we are independent, we have the ability to truly act in your best interest by providing the best non-proprietary solutions for your organization.

Implementation: We cater to your organization. We utilize creative communication campaigns to reach the many facets of your employee population.

Service and Support: Our partnership with you encompasses careful oversight and continued review of your plan. We ensure that your plan is competitive, compliant, and suitable.

Tools: We strive to be comprehensive and transparent in our communication and analysis. Our tools include:

Plan Inventory: We dig into investment vehicles and provide a clear statement of performance, fees, and expenses.

Communication: We utilize surveys, seminars, personal consultations, and plan reviews to ensure that service standards are met beyond expectation.

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