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When it comes to HR and benefits technology, choosing a vendor is just the beginning. The difference is in the delivery.

Many companies have very experienced HR personnel who know how to use HR and benefits technology. However, since purchasing and implementing technology is an infrequent event, most do not have the time, experience, or resources to properly set up and manage the most suitable system. Those that do often choose systems that are not the most appropriate for their needs, resulting in substantial cost-ineffectiveness.

We believe the difference is in the delivery. Together with our partner HR Technology Advisors, LLC, we help companies implement a custom-tailored technology solution that is designed to perfectly fit their needs and solve their problems.

By asking the right questions we can:

  • Understand your current technology capabilities
  • Diagnose your problem and identify gaps in your business solution
  • Define your unique high-level requirements
  • Provide the right solutions
  • Identify vendor alternatives
  • Manage your RFI & RFP process
  • Assist with finalist selection
  • Support implementation

We are a proud partner of one of the fastest growing, national technology consulting firms, HR Technology Advisors, LLC (HRT). HRT combines the technology, services, and buying power of leading HR and Benefits companies located in more than 50 markets. As the local representative firm, we can deliver an extensive set of integrated HR and Benefits Technology products and services to our clients that yield higher returns on investment and solve the tough problems faced each day.

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